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Manchester-by-the-Sea Praises Singing Beach Lifeguards

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We have an amazing group of Lifeguards this year at Singing Beach. They are led by Head Lifeguard Becka Hille, who is instrumental in the day-to-day scheduling. Although lifeguards may not always look busy to the casual onlooker, they are constantly scanning the water for potential issues, handling first aid on the beach and contributing to the overall positive experience by all of our visitors.

Since lifeguards are required to be on high alert at all times, their break time is crucial. They rotate from chair to beach to first aid station to rest time. We sometimes also have the guards in kayaks or on a paddle board to see the water from a different view while also giving them the opportunity for some “active” guarding. This active guarding allows them to be ready and alert but not hyper focused on scanning the water. It is also a nice break when there are enough guards to cover the beach.

Singing Beach lifeguards have also had a new challenge to be aware of this year, jellyfish. The guards have treated three swimmers for jelly fish stings so far this summer. The stings are not life-threatening, but are very uncomfortable for the person who gets stung. Lifeguards have handled these and many other situations this summer with care, compassion and skill. There haven’t been any jellyfish stings since July 3, so we think they have moved on.

All lifeguards are certified in CPR, first aid and using AEDs. We are very fortunate at Singing Beach to have such qualified lifeguards this summer.

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